Frequently Asked Questions & Objections Answered

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1) Can a Baptised Christian have a demon?

2) Should one talk to demons?

3) Why does it take so long?


Didn’t Jesus cast them out with one word?

Demons did not always just leave instantaneously with Jesus as one may think. So why should we not also face resistance as he did and also take longer and more so. Some leave quickly, some don’t.

Look up Mark 5:5-15. Jesus had already commanded the demons to leave and they didn’t, so the demons did not leave immediately when Jesus commanded them to go. This proves that deliverance was not instant. Then the demons talked to Jesus, and then Jesus talked to the demons and asked them a question. They answered the question. All of this dialogue must have taken some amount of time. It is probably not all recorded and took longer than we think at a first glance of the passage. And I’m sure the religionists of the day had a rule that no one is to talk to a demon because of what happened to Saul seeking the witch of Endor in 1 Sam 28:7. Guess what, Jesus broke their rule, but not the command not to seek council from demons. We need to learn the difference.
Then the demons besought him much not to leave the country. What do you think ‘besought him much’ means? It sounds like an ongoing struggle. Then the demons besought him again to be able to go into the swine and Jesus probably spoke again before they left and went into the pigs.

I dont suggest prayer is not powerful and part of the answer but when Jesus says the solution is to cast them out, who am I to say no I just want to pray them away or put it back on him and say Lord you cast them out, when he has specifically given us as his disciples the Authority and Responsibility to do so.


Why does it take so long?

The answer could be the same as to why we mostly don’t heal instantly or raise people from the dead today. Usually people are healed by a process of following natural law which can be found in the 8 laws of health.

Healing can come instantly if it is a demonic illness and the demon is cast out.


What about Psychology? Does it have any answers?


BIBLE SAYS                                                               PSYCHOLOGY SAYS

Sin is the problem, repentance the answer.     Sin is a disease, therapy the answer.

Deny self and follow Jesus.                                      Exalt self, need more self esteem.

Love God and your neighbour.                               Love self first

Respect and honour parents.                                   Blame your parents, disobey.

Love covers a fathers shame.                                  Expose the fathers shame.

Forget the past, press on.                                          Delve into the past.

Identity in Christ.                                                         Identify as a victim.

Forgive others, imperative.                                     Forgiveness is a choice.

Love your enemies.                                                     Set up boundaries, conditional love.

No occult practices.                                                     Hypnosis is okay, drugs too.

Discourage divorce.                                                     Divorce is okay even beneficial.

All have sinned.                                                             We are all victims, not responsible.

Anger does not lead to godliness.                          Express your anger freely.

Gods word is absolute.                                               What ever feels good.

No charges except by two witnesses.                  A false memory of feeling will do.

Fathers are authorities from God.                        Every person is their own authority.

Families are man, wife, children.                          Families can be two gays.

Homosexuality is an abomination.                      Gay is okay even desirable.

Disobeying God is sin.                                                No sin, just addictions, disease and genetic problems






Also see Spiritual Warfare Manual p17



There is one almost universally held misconception that must be forever set aside. Many people believe that Christians have total immunity from demonic attack. The opposite is true―we are the special objects of satanic wrath.

Demonic Pain and Ellen White

Since coming to this meeting, I have passed through a strange experience. One day, after appearing before the conference to read some matters to you, the burden that was upon my soul continued to press upon me after I returned to my room. I was in distress of mind. That night I could not seem to lose myself in sleep. It seemed as if evil angels were right in the room where I was. And while I was suffering in mind, it seemed as if I was suffering great bodily pain. My right arm, which through the years has nearly always been preserved from disease and suffering, seemed powerless. I could not lift it. Then I had a most severe, excruciating pain in the ear; then most terrible suffering in the jaw. It seemed as if I must scream. But I kept saying, Lord you know all about it.‘

I was in perfect agony. It seemed that my brain and every part of my body was suffering. At times I would rise up and think, I will not lie here another moment.‘ Then I would think, You will only arouse those that are in the house, and they cannot do anything for you.‘ And so I kept looking to the Lord, and saying, You know all about this pain.‘ The suffering continued, at times in the jaw, and then in the brain, and then in other members of the body, until nearly daylight. Just before the break of day I fell asleep for about an hour.

My arm is all right this morning. Legions of evil angels were in that room, and if I had not clung by faith to the Lord, I do not know what might have become of me.

I shall never be able to give you a description of the satanic forces that were in that room,…but since standing before you the next morning, I have had no suffering.

Light has been coming to me that unless we have more evident movings of the Spirit of God, and greater manifestations of divine power working in our midst, many of God‘s people will be overcome. Satanic agencies will come in as they came to me. But we cannot afford to yield to the power of the enemy. Manuscript 25 Jan. 28 1910, “An Address to the Workers Assembled at the Pacific Union Conference” (This Day with God‟ p36). (underline emphasis added)

Note: Ellen White used her own painful experience to predict that direct satanic attacks on God‟s people would become more common. Like hers, these attacks might come in the form of pain ― mysterious, irrational, undiagnosable pain. If a pain moves from one part of the body to another in an unpredictable pattern, as described in the experience of Ellen White, it is suspiciously demonic. In these cases when the demon leaves, the pain he has caused is gone.



The first of October, 1858, Mrs. White was given a vision in which she was shown that at some place in our contemplated journey Satan was going to make a powerful attack upon her…

While journeying by train Mrs. White‘s face became inflamed just under the eyes…she was obliged to take to her bed. The inflammation increased for two days, depriving her of sleep, as well as preventing her from taking any part in the meetings. Her head was swollen so that both eyes were closed, and her face was so disfigured that it no longer looked like that of a human being…the enemy was striving hard to cause her to murmur against God. Thus things continued till the end of the meetings.

After the meetings had closed Elder White said to me, Brother John, this is the very attack upon my wife of which we were warned in Rochester. You remember the promise was there made that if we would take hold together and hold her up by faith, not letting go for a moment when the struggle came, the power of the enemy would be broken, and she would be delivered. Let us go in at once and have a praying season.‖

We went into the room where Mrs. White was confined to her bed, and engaged in earnest prayer. In about ten minutes after we began to pray the power of the Lord came down and filled the room. Mrs. White was instantly relieved of all pain…This was about five o‘clock in the afternoon. By seven o‘clock the swelling had all disappeared upon her face, and she attended the meeting that evening, to all appearances as well as ever.

(The Great Second Advent Movement pp335-337 by J.N. Loughborough) (underline emphasis added)

Note: Not all allergy is demonic, but in certain difficult cases that possibility ought not to be ignored.



In the vision at Lovett‘s Grove, most of the matter I had seen twelve years before concerning the great controversy of the ages between Christ and Satan was repeated, and I was instructed to write it out. I was shown that while I should have to contend with the powers of darkness, for Satan would make strong efforts to hinder me, yet I must put my trust in God, and angels would not leave me in the conflict (Life Sketches of Ellen G. White p162) (underline emphasis added)

Little did they realize the anger of Satan because of this revelation of his character and wiles, or the intensity of his determination to defeat the plans for the writing and publishing of the proposed book. Arriving at Jackson, Michigan, en route to Battle Creek, they visited their old friends at the home of Daniel R. Palmer. At this time Mrs. White was in usual health, and the following experience, as given in her own words came as a complete surprise. (The Spirit of Prophecy Volume 4 pp508, 509 by Ellen G. White) (underline emphasis added)

As I was conversing with Sister Palmer, my tongue refused to utter what I wished to say, and seemed large and numb. A strange cold sensation struck my heart, passed over my head, and down my right side. For a time I was insensible (unconscious) but was aroused by the voice of earnest prayer. I tried to use my left limbs, but they were perfectly useless.

I was shown in vision that in the sudden attack at Jackson, Satan intended to take my life, in order to hinder the work I was about to write, but angels of God were sent to my rescue.

(Life Sketches of Ellen G. White p162)

Note: At this time Ellen White was 31 years old―very young for a “real Stroke.” Can a demonic attack of this nature occur? Sister Ellen White‟s answer is “Yes.”


Ellen White in Depression

On our way home it seemed to me that Satan had stepped in and was troubling Edson. We found the child at the point of death…Satan had wanted to hinder the work of God, so he afflicted the child, but he was beaten back by faith in God, and His Name shall have the glory.

When Satan found that he could not take the life of the child, he tempted me that God had left me or the child would have been healed when we first prayed for him. I sank under this temptation in despair…My heart seemed within me like lead, but God delivered me that eve, and Satan‘s power was broken (Biography, Vol. 1 p 182). (italics emphasis added)

Note: Sister Ellen White, for the moment, believed Satan‟s lie. He told her that God had forsaken her. When she accepted this lie as truth, she went into depression. It is of interest to notice that she knew exactly when Satan‟s power was broken. She spoke of this break in his power as “Deliverance”.


Mackin Case…see Spiritual Warfare Manual pg 65